eResourcePlanner adapts to each UNIQUE industry's ENVIRONMENT

Contact Centers

With over 9 years of customer driven functionality, eResourcePlanner offers the most complete set of Schedule and Agent Performance Management tools in the Contact Center industry.

By automating the disposition of agents schedule change requests, Shift bids, Over Time/Early Release, tracking Agent Performance Reviews, and automating the resulting data entry into WFM, Payroll, and Time/Attendance solutions our Six Sigma driven hosted service reduces Administrative head counts, reduces turnover, and drives more cost effective responses to call volume fluctuations.

eResourcePlanner has created a comprehensive tool set for Contact Centers to communicate and manage schedules, exceptions, and performance reviews. Let your employees see their schedules, select time off, additional hours, shift bids, vacation bids, intra-day exceptions and more, all using your company policies and rule sets. Once the transaction is entered by your agent, the rule sets help to complete the transaction according to your staffing or business needs, then move the transaction information automatically into your Workforce Management Software.

You can open "pre-approved" times of the day, week or month for certain events or exceptions, manage time off and overtime calendars, and even do "what-if" analysis to see the impact of events on your net staffing. In addition to transaction management, eResourcePlanner offers performance management tools and survey capabilities to make staff management more effective.

eResourcePlanner can be the tool that will let you hit your profitability and performance goals in this year.