high ENERGY and attentiveness to customer SUCCESS

Working for eResourcePlanner

eResourcePlanner is the ideal place to work for workforce management professionals. People who understand what it is like to lead and manage workforces, especially those that are shift based work groups. eResourcePlanner embraces a concept whereby teams of staff work on specific customers to ensure their needs are met and they have continuity of service.

eResourcePlanner offers a flexible work environment as well as competetive compensation packages. Depending on the role, staff members may be eligible for telecommuting. It is an ideal work environment for those who value flexibility and appropriate work / life balance.

eResourcePlanner team members are selected for their desire to work hard, creatively respond to issues, and have a collegial interaction style. eResourcePlanner teams are known for their strong desire to help the customers achieve their goals which drives eResourcePlanner towards achieving its goals.

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