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Shift Bidding and Coverage

Most schedule intensive businesses have the need to complete a Shift Selection or Bid process periodically in order to ensure they have the best possible schedule mix according to their workload. This process can be one of the most challenging of all when considering the complexity of creating the schedules, arriving at an equitable selection order criteria, allowing your staff to view the available schedules (and even review them with those people who are most important in their lives), and finally completing the selection/award process.

eResourcePlanner allows you to present open shifts or holiday coverage needs to a specific skill set or department, then automatically present it to another if all the schedules are not filled. Complete simple or complex periodic shift bids with minimal effort. Use whatever criteria you like to present and fill the openings.

After presenting the available schedules for coverage to your staff, you can use eResourcePlanner to automatically assign any schedules that have not been selected by volunteers. You can specify simple or complex rule sets for the assignment process and have eResourcePlanner consider items such as rank, holiday or event timing, whether a person has volunteered in the past to work, and more. Using the eResourcePlanner Event and Schedule Coverage module, you can ensure fair and equitable coverage of your schedule needs.

eResourcePlanner has two separate solutions to help with this dilemma.