eResourcePlanner planner has a singular FOCUS

Training Options

eResourcePlanner trainers arrive on site ready to lead Administrators and Staff Trainers through a comprehensive set of exercises designed to create self sufficient teams. The initial day of training is walking the Administrators through the setup of the system so they understand how to manage it moving forward. The next couple of days is getting the staff ready. We deliver an electronic curriculum for the customer's Staff Trainers to use in their in house training programs of the employee end-users. The electronic coursework, coupled with the service's online help ensures quick adoption of eResourcePlanner and the resulting cost take out and workforce optimization our service drives.

eResourcePlanner also offers recurrent training to those customers who want to reinforce and take advantage of the full range of eResourcePlanner capabilities for its' staff. eResourcePlanner recognizes that any training program is more effective with selective follow up course work that reinforces and validates various high value capabilities.