BEST Practice SOLUTIONS for Shift-Based Human Capital MANAGEMENT

Time Keeping

The eResourcePlanner Solution includes a complete Time Sheet Tracking and data movement capability. This means that the data within eResourcePlanner can be produced in a time sheet, transferred to your internal legacy systems or sent to an outsource provider for handling seamlessly. The Time Sheet Module allows users to route their time sheets in user defined approval chains for dispute, audit, or corrections prior to final acceptance and validation. All of this is completed on line from every site regardless of location.

The unique difference is our web-based time and attendance system contains information on all changes and exceptions made by all employees so it can enforce company policies in real time. It allows you to collect and validate your employee time data simply and accurately at all sites in all countries that can then feed multiple Payroll, WFM and HR systems with the right data.

The eResourcePlanner Time Keeping Solution allows clients to:

Easily and efficiently track your employee time

Manage your time & attendance data and employee profiles

Eliminate buddy punching

Make employee exception entry more accurate and timely across multiple systems

Reduce the errors and manual effort associated with payroll entry

The eResourcePlanner Solution also comes complete with a user satisfaction survey capability and the ability to create and administer your own surveys at any time. In addition, eResourcePlanner includes an Employee Interaction Tracking Module that allows supervisory staff to track all interactions with their staff, set follow ups, allow for others to complete interaction records, and even allow the users themselves to enter their thoughts and comments. The management staff then has the ability to review reporting that ensures that supervisor staff are following up as promised and improving both communication and development of the staff!