BEST Practice SOLUTIONS for Shift-Based Human Capital MANAGEMENT

Intraday Resource Management

High performance intraday management requires three things: timely information, analysis tools and the ability to quickly enact changes. The eResourcePlanner Solution gives management all three resulting in faster, smarter adjustments and lower costs while achieving business goals.

Timely information: The best practice of self selection enabled by eResourcePlanner results in fewer unplanned exceptions but can’t eliminate events when ‘life happens’ and reality is different than the plan. But our Net Staffing Views and Real Time View of Queued Transactions give management the most accurate window into what current business needs are at any given point in the day.

Analysis tools: eResourcePlanner has superior “What-If” event analysis tools that allow administrators to see effects of transactions on net staffing BEFORE the transactions are actually entered. Management can understand options based on all the facts and quickly decide on the best approach to meet goals.

Quick change capabilities: the key to better performance is the ability to effect change quickly enough to alter outcomes within extremely tight time periods. eResourcePlanner tools enable ultra fast communication across site and geography and automated contact to shrink the time required to perform send home or add staff events. Automation based on company rules and policies also reduces the manual effort required to get the right people at the right time more often.

The eResourcePlanner Batch Events tools know each individual’s schedule so management doesn’t need to. This means that an administrator can enter a transaction that begins 2 hours before scheduled start time for a large number of employees simply by specifying the start time of the transaction as “Two Hours before scheduled Start Time” and the eResourcePlanner solution will use the scheduled start time of each employee selected from the list automatically. After the batch is completed, the administrator can then view the impact to the net staffing by half hour and accept or deny the transaction.

Not only does the Solution help management act quickly, the reduced data entry and transaction management automation is rules based, and transactions are dispositioned and passed to your workforce management, payroll and other systems automatically. This further reduces cost and increases accuracy of future planning cycles.