BEST Practice SOLUTIONS for Shift-Based Human Capital MANAGEMENT

Employee Self-Management

The eResourcePlanner solution allows employees to self-manage within company rules and coverage. This gives the employee significant satisfaction in their work life balance, but provides the company budgetary control and business coverage. It enables staff to self-monitor their entitlement balances, performance reviews, exception and schedule history and pushes the data entry of exceptions to the closest point of creation. This produces several benefits to your company:

  • Reduces operational costs by providing front line staff self-service options for transactions traditionally handled by Administrators and Supervisors.
  • Free up supervisory time to focus on coaching, first call resolution, and other productivity tasks.
  • Employee self management drives a return on investment to the business because of a higher retention rate due to high employee satisfaction ratings from having more control over their work life balance and schedule.
  • Allows more efficient intra-day adjustments based on call volume fluctuations using eResourcePlanner’s directed overtime/early release tools.
  • Provides more timely information for management action: minimizes the gap between event and understanding so leadership gets better, more accurate information sooner!