BEST Practice SOLUTIONS for Shift-Based Human Capital MANAGEMENT

Performance Management

The challenge for management is to tie the daily individual performance goals of the staff with the goals of the business in a way that motivates employees to drive performance and improve overall customer service.

The eResourcePlanner Solution allows you to align the measurements, objectives and targets set for the employee to those goals and drive the employee performance management process. The eResourcePlanner Solution displays attendance and other company provided performance metrics for employees, provides employees with daily feedback on their performance against those expectations, rewards employees for performance through incentives and performance-related pay and creates and executes targeted development plans, all delivering sustained performance improvements for the organization.

The key to all of this is putting the employee in charge of performance, giving each staff member online access to a performance report of how he or she stacks up against business goals every day. This results in employees having the tools to keep their eyes on the prize and goals guaranteed to impact the bottom line. Bottom line results can be dramatic: productivity improvements, revenue increases, cost reductions and even lower turnover rates all through managing performance of existing staff.

The eResourcePlanner Solution is an automatic data capture and measurement application that allows you to understand and analyze the true causes of extended periods or trends of absenteeism. By integrating a human-based information capture system with the data in your ACD and workforce management applications, eResourcePlanner allows you to achieve a complete view and analysis of attendance and adherence trends.

Applying adherence guidelines and other workforce-related measures can help you quickly capture efficiency gains. While workforce management systems have done a good job of identifying when agents are or are not on the phone and matching that information with schedules to capture adherence levels, what happens when agents are away from or off the phone? It would certainly be useful to understand what is driving that behavior.

At the most fundamental level, eResourcePlanner provides dashboards: for agents, for teams, for the contact center, for a site, for the overall environment. It is not simply reporting on steroids: it is a sophisticated management tool that helps the contact center align and deliver to enterprise goals.