eResourcePlanner adapts to each UNIQUE industry's ENVIRONMENT


In the competitive world of Hospitality, having a satisfied, flexible staff is critical to success because almost all staff come in direct contact with your guests. Whether you are running a resort, hotel, casino, travel agency or airline, your staff is your greatest asset. Managing that staff to fulfill schedules and schedule change requests consumes supervisory and administrative time that could be used to focus on customer satisfaction and budget adherence. We free up that that time through automation.

Balancing coverage options with internal staff and sometimes even outsourced or vendor staff is time consuming and requires considerable skill. Many times there is added complexity of adhering to labor contract requirements while keeping the costs and turnover low.

eResourcePlanner allows you to manage staffing challenges by offering flexible shifts, find staff for increased guest needs or special events, receive notifications of staffing changes and plan for the future quickly and easily. Your business and your guests require you to adapt quickly and efficiently to ensure their experience is the best it can be.