eResourcePlanner respects out customers, we recognize that making our customers successful, makes us successful

Home Agent Contact Center

eResourcePlanner can be the glue that bonds Home Agents to their Leadership, to other Agents, and to the culture of the organization. Acting as an Agent Portal, eResourcePlanner gives home agents a single website to view the information that is important to their professional and personal lives, to communicate their needs and actions to Management and other Agents.

Allowing Management to communicate performance statistics to specific agents, broadcast companywide notices/information to specific groups of Agents, and/or communicating Performance Reviews and any resulting Action Plans to remote agents who can’t see a bulletin board nor stop in an office or cubical for a review is crucial to cost effectively motivating and keeping Home Agents productive.

Our Schedule Self-Service Rule Sets allow schedulers to maximize the unique flexibility Home Agents offer while also allowing the Home Agent to safely maximize the balance between work and their personal lives – often the reason they signed on to become Home Agents.

With our ubiquitous access from virtually any internet connection, contact center operations with Home Agents are able to cost effectively deploy our service without any additional hardware or software costs. As a Software as a Service solution that is deployed and used by the operational side of an organization versus the Information Technology side, eResourcePlanner drives a very low Total Cost of Ownership.