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What is eResourcePlanner?

eResourcePlanner, Inc. is an innovative, web-based employee self-management solution. Accessible from home or office, the solutions allow employees and employers the ability to manage work schedules in an efficient, low cost manner. It automates many of the manual scheduling requests that large organizations now perform via paper based, labor intensive processes. Schedule exception examples include:

  • Vacation time requests
  • Personal day requests
  • Shift trade / drop / pick up
  • Shift bids
  • Overtime sign up
  • Flex time
  • Schedule preferences
  • Absences / tardies
  • FMLA occurrences
  • Training / coaching
  • Overtime and Early Release Management
  • Add Hours Availability
  • Time & Attendance
  • And many more!

Most important is the fact that eResourcePlanner is a tool used by the employees themselves, thus empowering individuals to manage their own work schedules based on individual company created rule sets.

eResourcePlanner removes cost from the scheduling process while improving employee satisfaction by allowing employees to manage these schedule changes from their home or office. This self service environment eliminates or greatly reduces the number of staff required to manage the schedule exception process.


The concept of the eResourcePlanner solution was developed several years ago. The founders concluded, through their experience in the contact center business, that there was a real need for a solution that would take the laborious process of schedule exception management and automate it using business specific rule sets.

Additionally, most traditional software packages were, and still are, on premise based servers requiring substantial software and hardware capital investment. Finally, since most solutions are not employee centric, they require direct Supervisor action rather than empowering each employee.

Given these facts, the founders began developing the concept of eResourcePlanner, a service that enables employees across multiple industries and employment groups to manage their own schedules and schedule exceptions via the Internet, based on rule sets created by the customer.

Along with the services provided through the eResourcePlanner application, we also have provided several of our customers consulting on workforce management, service delivery and best practices.