eResourcePlanner adapts to each UNIQUE industry's ENVIRONMENT

Use The Phone

eResourcePlanner has an IVR application that allows staff to call in and report themselves absent, tardy, or to listen to their shift for a specific date or dates.

The eResourceLine™ IVR enhancement provides companies with another tool to effectively manage Absence, Tardy, and Schedule communications. The enhancement allows employees the ability to call in and report themselves absent or tardy or to listen to their schedule for a specific date or dates.Employees with no internet access at home can use any phone to call a toll free number to access the tool.

  • Employees can complete an absence report for today, another single date, or multiple dates within the context of the company policies.
  • Employees can easily communicate their status to supervisors, managers and others.
  • Employees can report themselves tardy for their next scheduled start time.
  • Employees can listen to their schedule for today, tomorrow, or any date in the future according to company rule sets.
  • As the transactions are completed, eResourcePlanner will apply company policies for attendance, notification and more, just like they were accessing the information through the eResourcePlanner tools on the web!
  • The tool will provide notification to the user, their supervisor and other appropriate parties of specific threshold conditions so supervisors can focus on managing the business.

The eResourceLine™ IVR is currently available in both English and Spanish versions.

eResourcePlanner's Staff Coverage Dialer tool takes the task of getting coverage for open schedules or positions to an entirely new level by utilizing business requirements, rule sets and self service to fill immediate or future schedule needs.