eResourcePlanner adapts to each UNIQUE industry's ENVIRONMENT


In today's economic climate "doing more with less" is a mantra both vendors and clients are repeating. With competitors willing to drive pricing down into the basement and some clients willing to follow them, securing profitable business is harder than ever. Doing business the same way as last year is not going to squeeze that extra point or two of margin out of a contract for most organizations.

Bringing in a new tool that sharpens your scheduling capabilities, reduces administrative headcounts, shrinks unwanted turnover, and frees up supervisors time will wring out that extra margin for you. By improving your efficiencies, you will be protecting your service level commitments as well as driving benefit to your bottom line.

eResourcePlanner's Schedule Self-Service, Reporting, and Alerting Service allows Workforce Schedulers to better balance call volume demands for multiple clients. Having just enough Agents with the right skill sets to meet each client’s Service Level is not an easy task and can mean the difference between a profitable day, and one you have to make up for down the road.