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Time Off

Allow your staff to see calendars, select time off, track FMLA, bid for future dates and get immediate disposition. They can also report themselves absent or tardy and the system will manage their attendance and notify everyone who needs to know automatically. The Vacation Bid process allows you to post for a period of time and create rules by round for the amount of time that a user can select.

Since many companies today offer a wide range of benefit time to their employees, it is important that you have flexibility and consistency in scheduling and tracking planned time out of the office.

These transactions can include Vacation Time, Purchased Time, Appointments, Floating Holiday or Personal Day time or any other type.. The key is to ensure that there are not too many people scheduled off, based on your business needs, than can reasonably be covered.

eResourcePlanner's Planned Time Off Module allows you to assign a vacation group to each individual, then assign a calendar, including sub-groups, to ensure that you are managing your time off availability in the most effective manner. In addition to the calendar function, you can specify which entitlement balance (Vacation Time, Purchased Time, Sick, Unpaid) is utilized by each transaction type and ensure that more time is not being scheduled than an individual can earn.

The combination of these rule setting capabilities with the clear, immediate disposition for your staff, means that you have a consistent, effective solution for your organization.