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Additional Hours Coverage

Just like shift coverage, you can post overtime or additional hours for staff to view and select based on your criteria and needs. Fill only those time periods in the day that require additional staff without having to pay for an entire shift. You can even preset budget amounts for additional hours.

eResourcePlanner's Additional Hours module allows for many different scenarios when managing Additional Hours or overtime. Need to have you staff Bid on Additional Hours based on Union Rules?

eResourcePlanner can allow you to set up and track time offered, taken and requested for specific time periods in order to make sure that labor needs are met and documented in conjunction with business needs.

Need to post hours to a particular group or groups BEFORE everyone else, then release to another population of users?

eResourcePlanner let's you specify groups or individuals that you can make additional hours available to, then release those hours at a prescribed time for a different population to select.

In addition, eResourcePlanner allows you the flexibility to manage how many hours a person can sign up for utilizing cascading rule sets. This means that you can manage total hours worked in a day, week, month, or other time period to reduce costs.

eResourcePlanner presents the available time in the context of the user's skill set and schedule and presents only those time periods that are appropriate based on your policies and procedures. Once they have made their selection, just like everywhere else in eResourcePlanner, they get immediate confirmation.