Return On Investment

The formula for return on investment equals Costs versus Benefits over a specific time period divided by the execution risk. The eResourcePlanner Solution has a very strong, proven business case that has been validated by client experience. The average ROI is 5.5 months, less than two reporting periods. The value proposition has three components:

Cost take out through:

  • Automation of existing manual transactions
  • Increased productivity by recovery of paid but not earned time
  • Improved operations through better intraday management tools
  • Employee satisfaction improvement through staff self selection

Risk Mitigation through:

  • 30 day deployment, less than 6 month ROI
  • Minimal IT resource requirements
  • Delivery model – solution as service
  • Focus on rules configuration/training

eResourcePlanner is delivered as an Operational Expense, a web based solution without costly hardware and software investments or long IT deployments. This means that there are virtually NO IT resource requirements and deploys in 30 days. One client stood up a new Mumbai facility in 12 days. Project risk is virtually nonexistent with global clients using the eResourcePlanner solution on 5 continents and guaranteed SLA and security commitments, reduction in costs, and improving employee satisfaction as proof.

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