Employee Satisfaction

The eResourcePlanner Solution is a service that enables self selection of very personal events, largely performed via paper based, labor intensive processes. It gives employees more control over personal events while meeting the needs of the business. Studies have shown companies with best practice-based self selection for schedule management have a 26% higher score in employee satisfaction and a 25% reduction in attrition related to work-life balance. Many clients have deployed eResourcePlanner primarily to enable Work at Home programs because of the completeness of the self selection functionality. Self-selection examples include:

  • Vacation or time off requests
  • Personal day requests
  • Shift trade / drop / pick up
  • Shift bids
  • Schedule preferences
  • Flex Time
  • Attendence Tracking
  • Absences / Tardies
  • Payroll Tracking & Reporting
  • Training / Coaching
  • Contract or Policy Adherence
  • FMLA Activities
  • Task scheduling and management
  • Overtime sign up
  • Event scheduling and management

Of great importance is the fact that eResourcePlanner is a tool that is used by the employees themselves, thus empowering individuals to manage their own work schedules and activities based on individual company created rule sets. The eResourcePlanner Solution improves employee satisfaction by allowing staff to manage schedule changes from their home or office with very fast completion rates.

eResourcePlanner comes with a user satisfaction survey capability that allows you to create and administer your own surveys at any time to measure improvements in satisfaction. In addition, eResourcePlanner includes an Employee Interaction Tracking Module that allows supervisors and staff to track all interactions, set follow ups, allow for others to complete interaction records, and even allow the users themselves to enter their thoughts and comments.

Since eResourcePlanner is rules based, you can put your company's policies and procedures in place on a transaction by transaction basis and allow immediate disposition of a higher number of transactions. This means that the employees are more satisfied with the process and only those transactions that absolutely need to be reviewed are sent for disposition.

By allowing the system to manage these transactions, utilizing your company's rules sets and policies, you remove any possible personality related issues with the transactions and can apply the same rules consistently across your entire organization's sites and geography.