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Web based solutions to empower your employees
Employees are more satisfied with their job when they have the ability to choose their work schedules from home or office.

Shrink the time to get the right
team at the right place more
Delight and empower staff through eResourcePlanner’s schedule management functions including up to 13 different ways to allow schedule selection and staff self schedule management.

Schedule Fulfillment ...

The eResourcePlanner Solution is the most complete, capable schedule fulfillment and exception management tool available. It has two main components: staff self selection and supervisory tools. eResourcePlanner enables the best practice of self selection. Corporate mindset changes from the idea of staff making schedule change requests to the process of selecting options that immediately allow or disallow the schedule modification. By utilizing their own internal policies, rules and practices, customers of eResourcePlanner allow their staff to make selections and, in cases where it is appropriate, receive immediate disposition of their choice. The staff always knows where their transaction is in the process, regardless of status, at all times. This process results in measurably lower absenteeism and significantly fewer unplanned time off events while simultaneously reducing the manpower required to manage many of these complex transaction types providing both consistency and equity in the process.
  • Interfaces with other systems such as workforce management, scheduling, payroll, HRIS, timekeeping, etc. help companies keep all of their staff data in sync across the enterprise.
  • Management Tools: Our Automated Advisor functions allow supervisory staff to manage queued transactions meeting staffing requirements in the fastest possible manner.
  • Staff friendly, industry first automated bidding capabilities that allow supervisory staff to view and manage bidding events, enter transactions on behalf of employees and see real time progress even for bid events that cross sites, locations, states, countries.
  • Innovative "What-If" event analysis tools that allow administrators to see effects of transactions on net staffing BEFORE the transactions are actually entered.
  • Ability to enter Batch Events without having to know each individual’s schedule. This means that an administrator can enter a transaction that begins 2 hours before scheduled start time for a large number of employees simply by specifying the start time of the transaction as “Two Hours before scheduled Start Time” and the eResourcePlanner solution will use the scheduled start time of each employee selected from the list automatically. After the batch is completed, the administrator can then view the impact to the net staffing by half hour and accept or deny the transaction.
  • Reduced data entry and transaction management requirements. Since the eResourcePlanner solution is rules based, most transactions are automatically dispositioned, then passed to your workforce management or other system.

These features create a very strong return on investment for both hard dollar cost take out and employee satisfaction.


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