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Web based solutions to empower your employees
eResourcePlanner adapts to each industries unique environment.

eResourcePlanner ensures
Compliance to Union, Human
Resource, and State Labor
Police and other first responders require schedule flexibility, eResourcePlanner is the answer to staff management enabling union contracts and other business rules to be enforced all while allowing the staff to self manage their schedules and schedule exceptions.
Fire department staff and other public safety workforces require flexibility in their schedules.  eResourcePlanner delivers a complete staff self management tool set ideal for all public safety employees.

Public Safety ...

eResourcePlanner Streamlines Staffing for Public Safety.

Staffing needs in Law Enforcement and Public Safety are not only complex, but every staff or schedule transaction can be critical. We are Schedule and Staff Management specialists with years of experience working in Union environments that need to ensure complex procedures are followed correctly and that grievances are addressed with precise documentation.

Our robust rules sets can capture your most complicated seniority, pay, overtime, or time off transactions in a fair and objective manner. By automating schedule related transitions, we ensure any established rule or policy is accurately followed, typically improving employee and management relationships coupled with a reduction in grievances. Each employee and their management get detailed transactional histories of their schedule related tasks allowing potential issues to be nipped at the bud.

eResourcePlanner can allow your supervisory staff to see roster information, post available shifts, see coverage needs, manage overtime and off duty schedule awards, schedule time off and much more. By utilizing the eResourcePlanner's Tools, organizations large and small can realize cost savings and increased efficiency in the schedule and staff management areas.


Success Stories:

 An Ideal Solution
A major (and innovative) airline uses eResourcePlanner to support their "work at home workforce". They find eResourcePlanner an ideal solution to communicate and manage employee's schedules and entitlements ...
 Free From Time Consuming Tasks
A substantial utility company was faced with a need to manage their staff more efficiently. Front line management was being asked to take on more responsibility without more front line managers or staff ...