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Web based solutions to empower your employees
eResourcePlanner adapts to each industries unique environment.

Healthcare industry employees' satisfaction improves dramatically with eResourcePlanner and CareStaff Solutions automated approach to staff self management and self schedule management.

Healthcare ...

eResourcePlanner has ideal attributes for the Healthcare industry, and because of that, a sister product line was formed to focus specifically on the unique needs of healthcare workers. The CareStaff Solution is focused on how hospitals and schedule intensive healthcare companies can enhance employee satisfaction all while significantly reducing costs. This product line will help hospitals and others:
  • Reduce Staff costs 2-5%
  • Improve Staff Retention 30%
  • Improve Patient Outcomes

The CareStaff Solution product line includes a Vendor Management System which allows healthcare institutions to maximize their own staff first and then contact all vendors simultaneously and request their proposals for schedule coverage.

Click Here to visit CareStaff Solutions and learn more about how it will help your Healthcare business thrive.


Success Stories:

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A major (and innovative) airline uses eResourcePlanner to support their "work at home workforce". They find eResourcePlanner an ideal solution to communicate and manage employee's schedules and entitlements ...
 Free From Time Consuming Tasks
A substantial utility company was faced with a need to manage their staff more efficiently. Front line management was being asked to take on more responsibility without more front line managers or staff ...