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Web based solutions to empower your employees
One stop communication location for staff to see what is happening in the company; which is ideal for the work at home workforce.

A single place for employees to
create work-life balance…
Communicate with your staff more effectively and completely with eResourcePlanner as the employee portal.
Improve staff satisfaction through the use of eResourcePlanner’s employee portal.

Employee Portal ...

Employees need to have a single place they can go to understand their work schedule, manage changes to that schedule, and create exceptions to that schedule. The eResourcePlanner Solution provides an easy to use, browser-based portal that gives your staff the tools to create a work – life balance while meeting the needs of the company. In addition to schedule management tools, the portal contains all of their entitlement balances drawn from your systems of record. Here is a partial list of transactions:
  • Time Off Requests – staff can view available dates and receive immediate disposition or complete a bid process for future dates.
  • Absence/Tardy Reports – staff can report themselves out by phone or internet and apply rules and notification thresholds to each event.
  • Additional Hours Requests – Allows staff to sign up for additional hours based on any parameters set by you. (i.e., No overtime if you are on disciplinary action)
  • Shift Management – Processes shift trades, shift bids, shift drop or pickup, and flex time requests.
  • Performance Management – each employee can see their performance, interactions, balances and more.

Additionally, employees can view messages and participate in surveys delivered securely without the need for an email client. This portal is configurable by you to include employee self management of profile and personal information that can then be delivered to the appropriate systems such as Payroll and Human Resources.


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