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Web based solutions to empower your employees
eResourcePlanner adapts to each industries unique environment.

Reduce Your Workforce Management Staff, Free Up Supervisor Time, Reduce Unwanted Turnover
eResourcePlanner Schedule and Agent Management Tools Automate Non-Productivity Related Work
eResourcePlanner creates higher employee satisfaction in their schedule/shift trading process.

Shift Management ...

The Shift Management tools within the eResourcePlanner system offer companies the ability to allow work schedule flexibility to their employees, cover staff shortages quickly and easily, reduce the cost of staffing the business and improve overall customer and employee satisfaction.

Allowing employees to bid on schedules is a key element to schedule flexibility in any organization. eResourcePlanner allows for 13 different bid types including a preference based, rank based, first come first served, or other rule combination selection processes. This helps companies whose work or scheduling rules are unique. The bid processes will allow employees to view the available schedules from home, on the road or anywhere they can access the internet! During the process, the system will notify the next bidder and allow administrators to complete a bid on behalf of an employee.

Your staff can create and manage multiple profiles providing you information on their availability on an hour-by-hour and day-by-day basis for any time period they wish. The profiles can be set up and maintained for work schedule preferences, on call availability, additional hours availability, event availability and more. The simple, graphical interface allows your staff to quickly and easily maintain their profile.


Success Stories:

 An Ideal Solution
A major (and innovative) airline uses eResourcePlanner to support their "work at home workforce". They find eResourcePlanner an ideal solution to communicate and manage employee's schedules and entitlements ...
 Free From Time Consuming Tasks
A substantial utility company was faced with a need to manage their staff more efficiently. Front line management was being asked to take on more responsibility without more front line managers or staff ...