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eResourcePlanner staff are responsible for their customer's success using the eResourcePlanner schedule management and schedule exception management tools.

Careers ...

eResourcePlanner is continually on the look out for the right people who will assist their customers with success. Each employee at eResourcePlanner is responsible to and for their customer and their customerís success, whether it is a Senior Developer working on an enhancement or an Account Manager advocating for a customer request. eResourcePlanner recognizes that the customer is the reason for our success, and is looking to hire the right team with the same mantra.

eResourcePlanner is a flexible work environment where the staff works from their own office locations anywhere in the US or world and flexible work hours. eResourcePlanner offers a competitive compensation structure.

Positions eResourcePlanner is actively seeking include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales

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Success Stories:

 An Ideal Solution
A major (and innovative) airline uses eResourcePlanner to support their "work at home workforce". They find eResourcePlanner an ideal solution to communicate and manage employee's schedules and entitlements ...
 Free From Time Consuming Tasks
A substantial utility company was faced with a need to manage their staff more efficiently. Front line management was being asked to take on more responsibility without more front line managers or staff ...