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eResourcePlanner adapts to each industries unique environment.

Safely Leverage and Optimize
Home Agents as Part of Your Pool of Resources
eResourcePlanner is the solution to allow organizations to communicate with home based staff.  All the tools required for work at home employees and staff to successfully administer their time and schedule are included in eResourcePlanner.

At Home Agents ...

At Home Agents are a key element to the success of contact centers in the US in the coming years. It is a workforce keyed into the concept of flexibility for themselves and the company. The most inhibiting aspect of launching a home shore solution is how to communicate and administrate a remote based workforce. eResourcePlanner is the solution for a distributed workforce. With online access, employees can self manage with supervisor oversight. A powerful cost management tool embedded within eResourcePlanner provides the ability to effectively add and release staff to meet variable production demands. This ability is rated by eResourcePlanner customer as one of the most valuable components in the suite.

eResourcePlanner acts as an Agent Portal that connects Home Agents to their leadership as well as their fellow Home Agents. It helps them not only gather important information on their schedules and performance, it cost effectively helps drive cultural and performance standards, while letting the Home Agent feel more connected to the larger organization.


Success Stories:

 An Ideal Solution
A major (and innovative) airline uses eResourcePlanner to support their "work at home workforce". They find eResourcePlanner an ideal solution to communicate and manage employee's schedules and entitlements ...
 Free From Time Consuming Tasks
A substantial utility company was faced with a need to manage their staff more efficiently. Front line management was being asked to take on more responsibility without more front line managers or staff ...