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eResourcePlanner is a unique Global Staff Self-Management, Reporting, and Intelligent Notification Service that automates the disposition of employee schedule change requests and passes the resulting schedule changes to other in house applications, most often to Workforce Management, Payroll, and Time/Attendance systems.

Employees log onto an eResourcePlanner hosted and maintained website that is fully customized to their employer's schedule coverage needs and HR policies allowing them to safely self-manage their schedules and time off with immediate and objective dispositions.

Using Six Sigma methodologies, eResourcePlanner eliminates the need for administrators to manually review, research, disposition, and enter employee and company requests for changes to their schedules. Whether it is a time off request, participation in a shift/vacation bid, a shift trade, or overtime/early release selection, eResourcePlanner ensures that all company policies are adhered to, that coverage needs are met, and that entitlement balances are in line with the request.

Allowing employees to adjust their own schedules reduces back office personnel and creates happier employees. With software tied into HR entitlements and policies, our customers' scheduling requirements are improved while giving employees maximum flexibility without risking coverage requirements.

eResourcePlanner's reporting and intelligent notification services help managers spot trends and outliers quickly before they impact productivity or drive additional coverage costs. Using our threshold alerts to not only alert managers of specific transactions by specific employee, they modify employee behavior by alerting them at the time of the transaction of a policy or performance infraction. Additionally, the return on investment with eResourcePlanner is very robust and enticing to organizations that are seeking to empower their employees to take on more responsibilities. The streamlined and cost effective strategies employed by customers of eResourcePlanner typically return their initial investments within the first few months of use.

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A substantial utility company was faced with a need to manage their staff more efficiently. Front line management was being asked to take on more responsibility without more front line managers or staff ...